Laboratoire Mergens

For your well-being

Using nature and technical skill, the Swiss company Laboratoire Mergens is the result of a perfect symbiosis of fundamental research and innovation, to offer effective, innovative and patented niche products, in the service of beauty and well-being.

It all starts back in 1993 when Serge Leuthold, an avant-garde scientist developed a passion for fundamental research and particularly, the extraction of active ingredients from plant sources (plants, aromatics…). He realised that nature provides unexploited treasures to treat, embellish and to improve both the outer and inner well-being.

He observed that with the use of a quality dietary supplement, improved physical and intellectual performance can be achieved; these are the first steps towards the science of nutrition.

In 2002, the company acquired several pharmaceutical patents in expanding and diversified fields: skin pigmentation, skin injuries and a few years later tinnitus. They are continuously re-evaluated in order to develop original cosmetic applications and to launch new niche market products.

Today Laboratoire develops its activities in various fields such as food supplements, homeopathy (with its partner Serolab), derma cosmetics (with its Nerola® product family) and medical devices.

The products are distributed in more than 20 countries on three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.

To access the information related to the homeopathy product sets, visit the website
To access the information related to the food supplement (100% natural food supplements) visit the website
To access the information related to the derma cosmetics product family Nerola®, visit the website

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